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Houston Faith Church
Saturday, January 06 2018

Emma, my granddaughter was 37 days old when it started. Our daughter-in-law Carrie dialed 911 calling for the paramedics because Emma wasn't breathing and she was turning blue. She was instructed to stimulate her tummy until the paramedics arrived. When they arrived Emma appeared to be ok. So, they left, but had to return and Emma was then taken to the nearest hospital. They drew blood and Emma turned blue. She was placed on a monitor and transported to Texas Children's Hospital because she was over the age limit for their NICU. When we got to Texas Children's Hospital a team of people performed several tests and took x-rays. The doctors couldn't find anything that would explain why Emma wasn't breathing. The tests only revealed that an infection existed but could not pin point the source.

Later the doctor came in and said that Emma probably wouldn't make it and if she did pull through she would probably have some problems due to the high doses of antibiotics she had been given. The doctor's report was that she could lose her sight, hearing and be left with brain damage.  As a believer and grandmother who knows the power of God, I said, NO, to the doctors. I said, they were wrong and had made a mistake. Carrie asked me why I told the doctor that and I said that through this ordeal I had prayed and declared the blood of Jesus over Emma and I knew she was going to be ok.

Emma recovered fully and is well. She is now 30 months old, bright, funny, full of energy, smart, has all of her senses, cute and full of love.  All praise to God!

Rose K.

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