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Houston Faith Church
Friday, January 05 2018

"In the past few weeks I've had two bladder infections. Even after medication, the problem persisted. On Saturday my kidneys started hurting really bad....I started declaring, 'By Jesus stripes my kidneys are healed!' I took pain medicine to be able to sleep, but Christmas Eve morning the pain was back. I kept declaring my healing and knew I had to get to church to get prayed for. After service Elaine [one of the prayer partners] prayed for me and the pain started to go. I was headed to my family Christmas gathering and my first thought was to bring some pain medicine 'just in case', but immediately said, 'No, Jesus said I'm healed and I'm gonna believe I'm healed with no pain.' Let me tell you, the pain left and is still gone. I had to tell Satan to shut up quite a bit when I would feel that twinge of pain trying to come back, but I held on to God's healing Word and He healed me.  Glory"  - Dawn E.

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