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Take this great life with God to the next level as you learn to implement biblical truths into your daily life.

Covering topics such as family life & relationships, money principles, Spirit-filled life & prayer, evangelism & church life...we’re certain GT3 (an estimated 4-5 month long track) will increase your spiritual maturity, and that you will continue to see good fruit in various aspects of your life. 

This plan includes ALL of the following...


Watch Video Messages
Recommended 1 video a week
*Total of 12 - 16 videos
*depending on family life option


Read Selected Books
Recommended 1 hour of reading a week
Total of 5 Books


Bible Reading Plan
Start a daily Bible reading plan


Reach Spiritual Goals
Follow along key markers
to make sure you're ON TRACK
to spiritual growth
This self-paced, self-study education plan will absolutely help your faith grow & you'll realize a closer walk with Jesus

Listed below are the specific materials included in GT 3 - Faith Foundations

Living Full of the Spirit
The Word is Enough
Walking in Divine Health
Finding a Mate  -or -
Marriage - or -
Parenting God's Way

The Call of the Christian
Following God's Plan for Your Life
Prosperity's 7 Link Chain
the Master is Calling
Choosing God's Best - or -
Love & Respect - or -
Let Me Tell You What Your
Teens Are Telling Me
Read the New Testament in
6 months with:
-  a YouVersion Bible app plan
-  or a printed plan
LEAD - someone to Jesus
LOVE - focus on 3 fruits of the Spirit
PRAY - in tongues every day
- extra meetings, outreaches
- classes


Free - material costs may apply*

You may begin any of the Growth Tracks at any time you’d like. Since they are self-study, self-paced, there are no official ‘enrollment’ dates.


* All videos are available to watch on-line for free, and can be accessed once you register and log-in. If you prefer to listen to CDs rather than to watch videos, CD series are available for purchase in the HFC Bookstore or through our online store (click here). Bookstore materials for your Growth Track are available to you at a discount of 25% off (books, and any CDs you choose to purchase): to get this discount in the HFC Bookstore, tell the Bookstore worker that the products are for the Spiritual Growth Plan; to get this discount on our online store, enter the Discount Code: "SGP25" at checkout.

Of course, if you already have any of the materials, or know someone who does, you may use those. Even if you’ve read a particular book or watched any of the messages before, we encourage you to read or watch them again as part of the plan.

Let us know when you sign up if you want a partner, and we’ll do our best to match you up with someone else starting your Growth Track. We encourage you to connect (meet, talk, text, email, Facetime, etc) with each other throughout your plan to encourage and motivate one another to complete the track...AND to rejoice with one another as you see victories in your life along the way!

Each track recommends that you: watch or listen to a 1-hour message, and read a minimum of 1-hour of the suggested books per week. We’ve also included a Bible Reading Plan, which you should follow along with during your daily Bible reading time.

We know that many of you are busy. But let’s be real...the average American spends an astonishing 6 hours per day (42 hours per week) on-line, on their smart phone/tablet, or watching TV. Surely, surely, surely, you CAN find 2-3 hours per week to put toward focused effort that will result in a changed life!  

You will get out what you put in! ...
Can you dedicate less than 3 hours a week to change your life??

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