When bad things happen, don't blame God.


  • Have you ever wondered this?
  • Have you ever experienced or witnessed a tragic event, and wondered how God could have let it happen?
  • Have you ever prayed for God to heal someone, and if it didn't happen, you supposed that it wasn't God's will?
  • Have you ever said or heard it said that, "God needed another angel in heaven" in response to the death of a young person?
  • If something bad happened that kept you from pursuing your dreams, did you think that, "God has a reason for everything"?
  • After receiving a cancer diagnosis, did you think or hear it said that, "I know God's testing me with this" or "God must be trying to teach me something"?

Tough situations like these pose very important questions that must be answered correctly. However, each of the responses listed above, although common, are very wrong, and are contrary to what the Bible teaches about God. Believing and propagating misconceptions about the nature of God hurts people. It causes some to turn from Him, and confuses others about God's will, making it impossible for them to fully believe His promises or receive answers to prayers.

In this book, Chas Stevenson will help you discover what the Bible actually teaches about why bad things happen - and it will bring the true character of God into plain sight. You will see that God is not the causer of human suffering, nor does He passively allow it for some divine reason. These answers will bring relief to your soul and strengthen your faith. You don't have to just sit back and take every bad thing that comes your way. Instead, you'll be left feeling empowered, and will see that God has made tools available to you to help you live victoriously.

CHAS STEVENSON and his wife, Joni, are the founders of Stevenson Ministries and the founding pastors of Houston Faith Church. Chas is a remarkable Bible teacher, with a gifted ability to make clear insights into the Word of God available to any person. He also travels the world, preaching the gospel.

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